Press Release

Jun 27, 2024

YolTech and Wimi Bio Form Licensing Partnership to Advance Gene Editing Technology in Agriculture

Pioneering a New Era in Agricultural Gene Editing


Shanghai, China, June 26, 2024 - YolTech, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company specializing in mRNA-LNP delivery for in vivo gene editing therapies, has partnered with Wimi Bio, provider and developer of gene editing and biological breeding technology intends to serve the agricultural industry, to advance the commercialization of YolTech's proprietary DNA editor, YolCas™.


YolCas™, developed through YolTech's High-Throughput Evolution Platform for Discovery and Optimization of Novel Editors (HEPDONE®), is a novel CRISPR/Cas gene editing tool that demonstrates high efficiency and precision in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems. YolTech's technological innovations and R&D capabilities provide strong support for this collaboration.


Dr. Yuxuan Wu, Founder and CEO of YolTech, commented, "We are delighted to partner with Wimi Bio. By combining our gene editing technology with Wimi Bio's expertise in agricultural research and breeding, we believe we can bring more innovations and breakthroughs to the agricultural field."


Dr. Jieting Xu, Chairman and CEO of Wimi Bio, added, "This collaboration marks an important step for Wimi Bio in the field of agricultural gene editing. We look forward to working with YolTech to drive the development of agricultural biotechnology, providing efficient, safe, and sustainable solutions for global agriculture."


About YolTech


YolTech Therapeutics is a leading clinical-stage genome editing company focused on developing potentially curative therapies leveraging CRISPR-based technologies. The company has built a leading high-throughput evolution platform and innovative LNP delivery system. YolTech possesses a strong capability for novel Cas and base editor discovery, as well as exceptional in-house LNP production capacity for GMP manufacturing. It holds independent intellectual property rights and core patent protection globally. The company has created a pipeline of 10 genetic medicines focusing on cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, infectious diseases, as well as more common and rare diseases. Clinical trial clearance has been received for its leading asset in March 2024.


About Wimi Bio


Founded in 2017, Wimi Bio focuses on biotechnology and precision breeding research and applications in major crops. With an independently developed precision breeding platform, Wimi Bio provides high-throughput genetic transformation and gene editing platforms for over 20 crops, serving over 600 research and biotechnological enterprises worldwide. The company continually advances its crop biotechnology R&D, creating high-value corn traits and developing functional proteins, dietary nutrients, and oral edible vaccines through synthetic biology.