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Feb 02, 2024

YolTech Announces Appointment of Tony W.Ho as Scientific Advisor


Shanghai, China, Febuary 2, 2024 - YolTech Therapeutics appoints Dr. Tony W. Ho as Scientific Advisor to strengthen YolTech's research and development capabilities in the development of vivo gene editing drugs. Dr. Yuxuan Wu, the Founder and CEO of YolTech, expressed great enthusiasm for this appointment and believes that Dr. Ho's expertise and extensive experience will bring continued growth and success to the company.


YolTech is a pioneering gene editing company dedicated to develop a robust gene editing medicines to treat patients with serious diseases. By appointing Dr. Ho as a Scientific Advisor, YolTech further consolidates its position and research and development capabilities in the industry.

Dr. Tony W. Ho is a highly respected drug development expert. During his tenure as executive vice president and head of R&D at CRISPR Therapeutics, he successfully led and established a world-leading R&D team and promoted developed and promoted multiple therapeutic products. These include CRISPR gene editing combined with hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, the drug Exa-cel for the treatment of sickle cell anemia and thalassemia, and three universal CAR-T products - CTX110 (CD19), CT120 (BCMA), and CT130 (CD70). In addition, he developed the first CRISPR-edited islet progenitor cell product, VCTX210, and advanced these products to the clinical stage. It is worth mentioning that Exa-cel finally completed clinical trials in the United States and became the first FDA-approved treatment to utilize a type of novel genome editing technology, signaling an innovative advancement in the field of gene therapy (CASGEVY).

Prior to joining CRISPR Therapeutics, Dr. Ho served as Senior Vice President and Head of Oncology Innovation R&D at AstraZeneca, where he led the development of lynparza (olarparib), Imfinzi (durvalumab), Imjudo (Tremelimumab) and other drug development and commercialization work. The 10 phase III clinical trials he has led to launch have currently obtained positive results (seven clinical trials of Lipadro, including ovarian cancer, triple-negative breast cancer, pancreatic cancer and colorectal cancer; three clinical trials of Infinifer trials, including non-small cell lung cancer and small cell lung cancer). He has successfully repositioned a failed NK3 antagonist for PCOS and won the 2013 AZ Patent of the Year Award, also has achieved remarkable results in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Prior to that, he also served as head of neuroscience and ophthalmology R&D at Merck and co-founder and chief scientific officer of Neuronyx.

Dr. Ho holds an MD degree from Johns Hopkins University and a BS degree in electrical engineering from UCLA and serves as an adjunct associate professor of neurology at the University of Pennsylvania and an assistant professor of neurology at Johns Hopkins University, publishing in multiple fields. Authored more than 80 papers.

Dr. Tony W. Ho commented, "I am delighted to be joining YolTech and to have the opportunity to work with such a dynamic and innovative team. Gene editing is a rapidly evolving field, and I believe that YolTech is well-positioned to make a significant impact in this area. I look forward to contributing my expertise to this important work."

Dr. Yuxuan Wu, founder and CEO of YolTech, expressed, "YolTech is very honored to invite Dr. Tony W. Ho to join our scientific advisory board. We believe that his professional experience , unique strategic vision and passion for the development of innovative drugs will assist our drug development. And we will provide patients with more advanced and innovative medical solutions as soon as possible."

As a member of scientific advisory board, Dr. Ho will provide professional guidance and strategic planning to YolTech to achieve its leading position in the ever-changing biomedical industry.

Through the collaboration with Dr. Ho, YolTech will continue to promote innovation in the field of biomedicine and provide better treatment options for patients worldwide.

About YolTech

YolTech Therapeutics is a pioneering gene editing company dedicated to develop a robust gene editing medicines to treat patients with serious diseases, which has built leading high-throughput evolution platform and innovative LNP deliver system. It possesses strong capability of novel Cas and base editor discovery and exceptional in-house LNP production capacity for GMP manufactory, with independent intellectual property rights and core patent protection globally. It has created a pipeline with 10+ genetic medicines focusing on cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, infectious diseases as well as more common and rare diseases. Clinical trial clearance has been received for its leading asset.